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Is it safe to visit Dubai?


Dubai is located in the UAE (United States of Emirates). It is a Middle East city that is very spectacular. It has so many things that any visitor or tourist can admire. It is in all forms of modern architecture, soaring skyscrapers, hotel rooms, oil wealth, malls, shopping centers, so many spectacular beaches among many luxurious things. With all that, there are so many things to do in Dubai at night and during the day. But is Dubai really safe for touring and visiting?

Dubai safety

In general, Dubai is a place that is very safe to visit. Of late, there are no reported crimes of person to person directed to any travelers. If at all there are such cases, they are just but a few. Otherwise, Dubai is a city that is heavily monitored. Therefore, no harm can befall any traveler or visitor easily. All in all, you must know places to visit in dubai .

When visiting Dubai, it is good to know things that are not safe to do especially in public. Dubai is a country with strict rules. For example, you are not allowed to show or display affections in public. Drunken behavior is not also allowed to be displayed in public. When you are in Dubai, you should dress modestly, always ask for permission when photographing people.

After you have known what is required and what is not required of you, you will know how to stay safe in Dubai. Will know Dubai tourist places and how to behave when you are in public. It is only a matter of following rules and being disciplined.

Otherwise, Dubai is a place that so many people love and admire to also has a huge number of attraction sites.

June 17, 2019