Should I Invest In Stocks

Should I Invest In Stocks

Should I Invest In Stocks?

If you’ve heard of capital market-related investments, then should I invest in stocks? Preparing finances for the future would have been an obligation. In addition to saving, investment becomes an activity that must be done. The choice of investment itself is very much; starting from buying a house, land, or jewelry, to building a business. Investing in stock is not easy. But, stocks are one of the great opportunities to build wealth for old age. The goal is also for your kindness and your little family later, when married and have children.

However, there is actually one other investment instrument that is not less tempting, but often avoided by most people, namely stock investment in the stock market. For the following reasons, you will be more determined to buy stocks in the stock market or not.

Reasons to invest in stock

  1. Practical and simple

Investing in capital markets is actually practical and can be done all people, including for beginners though. You just open a securities account at your favorite bank and enter the capital you want. Almost all banks offer brokerage services in charge of monitoring stock value and investing your money. So it’s not difficult right?

  1. Do not need big capital

Unlike the investment of land and gold that require a little capital, stock investment allows you to invest, although not have big capital. In fact, now you can invest a few tens of dollars in capital!

  1. The right choice for long-term investment

Due to its inflationary nature, it can be expected that the longer you invest, the higher the value of your stock. You can imagine the benefits that you get if the longer saving capital.

  1. Low risk

Indeed all types of investments have risks. However, for investment in the stock market itself, the risk is not much bigger actually.

Reasons not to invest in stock

  1. No money to invest

When you are asked why you do not choose stock, maybe you will answer because you have nothing to invest. Buying stocks may take a lot of money. You can invest your money in small amounts through mutual funds. This equity fund is the same as an income mutual fund, but the difference is that all your money is investing in stocks.

  1. The myth of gambling on the stock market.

Stocks are not gambling. Because of the rise and fall in stock prices there is a cause. So you are not 100% speculation and lose-win. You can learn science to know when stock prices go up and down.

  1. Do not understand how the rules of the game.

This is the reason that most people catapult. You do not need to study all the economic theories. Just learn about market movements; how to ‘predict’ the rising stock price.

Stocks are a promising type of investment. Of course you must learn first before actually plunge in this world. You must also have capital. Do not rely solely on investing in gold, which will only retain your wealth in the event of crazy inflation. So, should I invest in stocks? Try it now.

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