How to Invest In Oil Stocks? Here several things that you should know first

How to Invest In Oil Stocks Here several things that you should know

As we know that oil is the most popular topic when related with investment. However, oil was getting price drop and become hot topic in 2017. Nobody never imagine this such a fast collapse in oil industries. However, investing in oil might be tempted because it said that can generate your strong earn as well. Of course, you should know several things before you invest. If you consider investing in oil stock, you might wonder about how to invest in oil stocks? How I can get profit fast? How I can start? And more. There is no exact answer because this is also depending on your situation, but this information bellow might help you to know more about investing in oil stocks.

How to invest in oil stocks? Here best recommendation based on experts

EnerJex Resources Inc.

EnerJex Resources Inc was listed in New York Stock Excange. It was reached $10 per stock in 2013. However since it had been fallen in $0.31 per stock, ENJR is making their living by producing oils and gas through their lease in Kansas, Texas, Colorado and Nebraska as well. The company had been decreasing its net operate income losses around past four quarters as well. The average volume is 406,532 along with market cap at $3.148 million.

Petro River Oil

This is also experiencing dramatic drop since 2013 and now it’s around $2.50 per share. This company develops the oil internationally, with it’s presence on California, Oklahoma, England, Denmark and Ireland. The company also uses the 3D of seismic analysis in order to find out the oil resources as well. PTRC had been showed up their increasing cash reserves during this past five quarters as well. So they can be in position to acquire these assets in order to gain benefit from higher oil prices as well. So, the average volume is 41,343 and market cap around $32,47 million.

Exco Resources Inc.

This was another penny which currently had been traded on New York Stock Exchange/ it had been dropped under $1 per stock on December 2016. However it is currently increase at $1.13. The total revenues also had been decline during last past three quarters, however the operating income had been increased in that period as well. However, the company will get 90% of its revenue from the natural gas and there is positive forecast that this is a good sign in 2017.

How to Invest In Oil Stocks Here several things that you should know first.2

Granite Oil Corp

Granit had been focused on Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. This company had been declared its dividend $0.035 cents per share on May 2017. The management also had been reduced their cost significantly to handle declining of oil prices and debs was relatively low as well. The fact that the company had not eliminated its dividend is a good sign.

There are many investors said that invest in oil stocks similar with rising tide of lifts all boats. However the increasing of oil price might not lift that leaky boat. Those recommendations above might have better days when you consider investing in oil stocks.

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