Chapter 12 Investing In Stocks – The Stock Investment


Did you know what is the stock? If you have no idea about that, we are going to share some information about this later on. In investment world, stock is a value which is given by a corporation to the people who want to become a part of owner by investing money. Then, they will be called as a stockholder when they already bought the stock of corporation. In stock market, there is a thing which is called Chapter 12 Investing In Stocks. But, what this thing explains about? Here, you will be taught that there are two types of stock in common.

The first type is a common stock. The common stock represents a stock which will pay variable dividend. Not only that, people who have stock in a corporation – the stockholders, have a right of voting in a corporation where they invest their money. Another type is preffered stock. What makes this stock different is, it pays a fixed dividend. But, people who have stock do not have a right of voting. On the other hand, there is a common term in stock which is called proxy. Here, proxy is an authorization to have a right of voting which is given to someone which is trusted – usually a manager.

The Classifications of Stock Investment

  1. Income Stock

This stock has an equal security which is demanded to pay normal value. Sometimes, the amout of dividend will be increased. The plethora in the overall returns will be influenced by the Income Stock which gives a high result. However, the majority revenue stocks still have lesser points of variability than the common stock market even though the specific breakpoint doesn’t provide an exact classification. In addition, the divident outputs usually are higher than the market.

  1. Growth Stock

This is a type of stock which comes from the corporation revenue. In common, the revenue which has been obtained will be reinvested in order to grow the business – in this case is corporation necessary. What makes this Growth Stock different is, the divident is not given to the stockholders. Here, the stockholders commonly get the stocks which are obtained from the capital gains. Because of it, the risk of the business will be higher.

Chapter 12 Investing In Stocks1

  1. Value Stock

In this stock classification, the implementation of strategies are done in the condition when the price is considered low. It includes the dividend outpout – high level, earning ratio, and low value to book ratio. In common, there is a method which is performed to find a value stock  by purchasing the highest dividend in the stock market. The time which is chosen to implement this method is, when the stock market begins to open a new year.

  1. Cyclical Stock

This is one of classification which becomes popular in the options of Chapter 12 Investing In Stocks. In this type of stock, the price of stock will be affected by the decrease and the increase of economic development. There is a time when people can purchase Cyclical Stock – when the economic development has a good point. In addition, you can also cut back when the recession time comes.

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