State Minimum Car Insurance Characters and Coverage Types

State Minimum Car Insurance

What information on state minimum car insurance do you need to know? In general, the state minimum insurance requirement refers to requirements for car insurance that varies in each state and is regulated by law for the residents. The website of State Insurance Commissioner contains the information regarding these minimum requirements applicable in each state. Here, you can check out the whole information so you do not have to access the website. Hopefully, the information will be helpful for your need.

What State Minimum Car Insurance Offers

Living in the United States means you have to purchase auto insurance that meets legal minimum requirements according to the state law. It is important to remember that the requirements in each state differ so you should check the information yourself to find out the exact requirements before you purchase car insurance. The insurance representatives may also be helpful to find out the related information in case you face difficulty in finding the information.

Compulsory Car Insurance

In the US, every car insurance is compulsory. It means that the law in each state requires the insurance holder to be financially responsible although it doesn’t require the resident to buy car insurance. It means even without having car insurance, a person can still drive legally in the US. However, in case of something happens, the person should be responsible financially. For instance, he has to compensate anyone injured as result of the accident. And, he also needs to be responsible financially for any property damage. Therefore, it is not recommended to skip out on car insurance because it only leaves the person to be vulnerable financially.

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State Minimum Car Insurance Basic Coverage

In every state, there are 4 different basic coverage types included in the minimum car insurance. The types are as following:

  1. Bodily Injury Liability

This basic coverage means it is defined per accident and per person.

  1. Property Damage Liability

This second coverage means that per accident is used to define property damage liability. And damages to the holder’s cars are not covered by the Property Damage Coverage. What covered are only damages to cars that the holder’s responsible for.

  1. Personal Injury Protection

This basic coverage type is different than the first and second coverage. In particular, per accident and per person is used to define the coverage. However, there are some limits applied for instance Loss of Income, Disability, Medical Expenses, Rehabilitation, Funeral Burial, In-Home Services and Cremation Cost. These costs are usually defined in the specific policy wording of the holder’s car insurance and are varying according to the state.

  1. Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Protection

The last basic coverage type is defined per accident and per person.

By knowing the exact information and requirements for the state minimum car insurance requirements. Every person is able to purchase to the right car insurance especially if it is his first car. This kind of insurance is essential to make sure the driver is fully protected in case of any damages, injuries and theft.

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