Progressive Car Insurance Customer Service

Progressive Car Insurance Customer Service

Call Progressive Car Insurance Customer Service and Get the Best Protection for Your Car

If you are looking for a car insurance company that offers various types of coverage, you can call Progressive car insurance customer service right now. Progressive is not a new name in the auto insurance industry. It has been in the business for almost 80 years and now has become the third largest insurance provider in the country.

Progressive is known to pamper its customers with low insurance rate and also plenty of discounts. Almost 95% of the customers will enjoy at least one discount when they purchase policies from this company. Since this company offers so many options of coverage as well as chances to save your money, make sure you call Progressive car insurance customer service and dig out all important information regarding the best ways to protect your car.

Progressive Car Insurance Customer Service – Get Quote and Choose Your Coverage

Doing business with Progressive is very easy because it gives you a lot of freedom. To start your journey with this insurance provider, you can get the quote by phone or online, whatever floats your boat. Furthermore, you are free to choose what kind of coverage. Whether you want to settle with the bare minimum or you want to give your car some extra protections, you certainly will find an option you will like.

Progressive Car Insurance Customer Service – Claim Your Insurance

If you are in trouble and need to make a claim, simply call the customer service and the company will send someone to inspect your car and make the estimate. If you are near to one of Progressive’s service center, you can drop the car there by yourself. But if it is the opposite, the company will pick up your car.

If your car is totaled and you don’t have the time to shop for new one, this insurance provider can do it on your behalf thanks to its total loss concierge service. You simply need to tell them what kind of car you are looking for as well as your budget. After that, Progressive will deal with the rest from choosing the car from the dealer to taking care of the loans.

Enjoy Various Discounts

Progressive is highly commended for its various discounts. Car insurance never comes cheap, so if there is a chance to save your money, you’d better jump on it right away. The great news is, Progressive provides plenty of ways for the customers to end up with discounts. If you start your quote online, you will immediately get 7% discount. If you pay for six months upfront instead of monthly or you bundled the car insurance with home protection, you will also get reduced price.

The best thing about Progressive’s discount is there is no limit on how many discounts you can get. If you are eligible to get it then you will get it, no questions asked. So, before you seal the deal, browse through all the options carefully for a better chance to reduce your car insurance premium. You can always call Progressive car insurance customer service if you ready to get quote or simply want to ask some questions.

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