NY State Health Insurance

NY State Health Insurance

All About NY State Health Insurance

It is like a must to have the health insurance for us and even our family. Health insurance gives and even provides a lot of benefits. People will get no worry if there is something happened to them and even their family. They don’t need to spend a lot of money directly when someone is hospitalized. They don’t need to borrow money from any other institution while lack of money for paying the medication treatment. Then, what is Ny State Health Insurance?

Explanation about NY State Health Insurance

It is a kind of marketplace which is created to help people in shopping and enrolling about the health insurance. Ny state health insurance is designed to help for the business, family and individual people to compare about kinds of insurance coverage, the cost calculation and even check various coverage. People only need to check the eligibility through an applications.

Eligibility of NY State Health Insurance

There are some eligibility and policy about the people who can enroll Ny State Health Insurance. the one who are eligible for Ny State Health Insurance is only they are who live in New York. It can be the citizens of New York, they are who have the New York Nationality and even the immigrants who stay in New York. Then the businesses which have less than 25 employees can be eligible for this kind of insurance.

Programs of NY State Health Insurance

There are 3 programs which are offered by Ny State Health Insurance, such as: Medicaid, Child health plus and essential plus. Child health plus is only eligible for the children under 19 years old. It is only eligible for the resident of New York State and the one who are in Medicaid cannot join this insurance. Then, the one who are covered by the other kinds of health insurance is also not eligible for this program insurance. This kind of insurance program cover a lot of things. It can be used to cover the physical exam, immunizations, laboratory service and even prescription drugs. Then, people can also use this insurance program to do the short term therapeutic, such as: chemotherapy and hemodialysis, dental and even vision services, hearing services and even inpatient hospital care.

Next, the essential plan program is the insurance program which is qualified for the one between 19 to 64 years old. It is only applicable for the residents of New York State. The individual need to be able to make a deal with the requirement of essential plan income. They cannot be eligible for both Medicaid and even Health plus. Maternity and even the treatment for newborn is covered by this essential plan program. It is also eligible for the emergency services, laboratory services, mental health and chronic disease. All of the preventive care, inpatient care and even outpatient services are covered by this health insurance program. People can even use this insurance program for rehabilitative services. Then, the prescription drugs can also be covered by this program. So, as the citizens of New York States, shop this insurance will be wonderful.

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