Bank Of America Credit Card Rental Car Insurance for Full Protection

Bank Of America Credit Card Rental Car Insurance

Bank Of America Credit Card Rental Car Insurance

When you rent a car, you will be asked of whether or not you want to add insurance. This question is normal and you should know the right answer for it. Usually, Bank of America credit card rental car insurance is offered to protect the customers form any fees and costs regarding the damaged rented cars. Basically, this insurance is important but when you are already protected you can simply answer no. The answer is different when you are not protected yet. In this case, you should say yes before you proceed to pay for the rental fee.

Rental Car Insurance by Auto Insurance Policy

Some people are already protected by their auto insurance policy. Just to make sure whether or not your insurance has the coverage, you need to ask some questions to your insurer. For instance, find out whether the policy covers rental cars. What coverage does it provide and to whom. Find whether the coverage covers everyone operating the vehicle or just certain people. And, ask the insurer about the coverage provided whether it covers any theft, personal property and liability. In case of protection being provided, how much it is because some cars like luxury cars may need more expensive costs when it comes to repair any damages.

Since some policy also acts as primary insurance for car rental, you should find out whether or not your policy acts the same. There is certain deductible amount that someone must pay before the coverage kicks in, and the amount is varying. Sometimes, it is also different for rental cars. Therefore, you need to find the exact amount you have to pay.

The wall hut review Bank Of America Credit Card Rental Car Insurance

Auto Rental Collision Damage

In America, most credit cars like the consumer Credit Cards from Bank of America offer insurance for car rental. However, it is considering a secondary coverage for those having the personal auto insurance policy. You need to find the detailed information to the card issuer. Or, you need to do review of your credit card benefits guide including the exclusions, conditions and specific terms.

When you have this kind of credit card, you own card that covers any physical damage to collision and theft but there is no deductible you must pay. So, in case of an accident, the insurance covers the damage to rental cars as long as the car rental company coordinates and verifies the losses with benefit provider. But there is one thing you must know. Most cards don’t offer coverage for damage to other properties or cars or damage to any liability such as injuries to people.

What should you to get the coverage from this Bank of America credit rental car insurance? Well, you simply have use the credit card to pay for the car reservation. And, it is important to decline the collision damage waiver offered by the rental agency. Then, you will be asked for letter of eligibility saying that you are given the coverage by the card provider. Some agencies will also do checking. And, it is important to tell the rental agency about the way the coverage works in case of the car driven by someone else not you.

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