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If you are new, you will be happy to know that you will get free hof coins.

If you love using slot games, you have found the right place for you, view and enjoy the real pleasure of playing a game online. House of fun can be a little slow but it does not take away that it can become part of the most valued games that can be found on the internet. And it is thanks to this being an internet game that you can enjoy the full experience of making use of slot games without having to be in a completely crowded place and making noise, besides that here not You will need to be of legal age to enjoy the experience.

One of the things that has made House of fun such a popular game is the fact that it works for free, and of course, like most free games you can make use of microtransactions, when you start the game, every player will receive a limited number of visit here so if said player makes use of all these and does not have more, he can use the microtransactions to get more if he wishes.
Usually this type of games offer their players a series of benefits to keep the excitement of playing, and this is a strategy that works very well, in this game for example, makes use of an option that will allow you to player to collect both coins and house of fun free spins to extend your hours of play without having to make use of microtransactions.
If you are a new player, at the beginning you will have two very important things that are the house of fun coins and the house of fun free spins, when you receive your money, you will receive nothing more nor less than 100 completely free spins. You must know that these types of games are really easy to play and you will unlock new games as you progress through the levels.

April 16, 2019